We start out caring for Pets and end up deeply caring about Pets. They're part of the family. In some cases, they are family. Family Pets are inspiration for the Remembrance Gifts we created. Several of our unique one of a kind gifts were inspired by Therapy and Service Animals for their selfless deeds and services to people.

I recently saw an older man in a motorized cart. Riding with him in the cart was his elderly dog. Both man and dog were graying and somewhat disabled by time. You could see the bond between them. Early on, the dog walked at the man's command. Maybe he started out as a Service Animal. Now he's been elevated and rides with him. He's become more to the man than just a pet. He's a Comrade, Companion, Friend and "More than an Animal, More than a Pet."

Finding creative solutions to help family and friends comfort the bereaved is another reason why Ashes 2 Essenz exists. But as Pet Lovers, most of our motivation comes from those irrepressible characters we call Pets.

We dedicate this site to Gypsy, Max, Franzy & Murphy.

Thank You for visiting Ashes 2 Essenz.

Sandra Moses

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