Shrug it Off?

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We dodge bullets from people and Institutions everyday !

Undoubtedly, there are probably more contemporary examples then the one I’m about to give. If you own a yacht and an arsenal of guns for instance. But I think i’ll stick with American lore instead. Anyone who’s watched an old western movie has witnessed at least one wagon train or caravan being attacked by armed marauders. Or perhaps Indians in war paint shooting arrows at their hapless victims. At least that’s how they’re portrayed on film. And all the poor homesteaders could do is pull their wagons, laden with all their worldly belongings, into a tight circle. Then hunker down and grimly fight them off. Well not much has changed. We’re still surrounded by looters, robbers, and marauders. Whether you live in an urban or rural environment, we dodge bullets and arrows from people and institutions every day. Unfortunately, many find their mark. (ZING!) You nearly missed paying your credit card bill. Whew! Can’t afford for your credit to slip any lower. (ZING!) Oh my God that idiot nearly hit you! You can’t afford to miss work or damage to your car! (ZAP!) Oh Crap, they cancelled the insurance cause according to them, you need a new roof!  >>KAPOW<< Markey, who you raised from a tiny pup that you could hold in one hand, died yesterday. You just took one in the heart! Do you just shrug that off too?

Do You Bury Your Feelings?

Do you bury your feelings along with Markey and get on with it? (ZAP!) Your kid just got suspended from school, again. If they expel him what’ll you do? (ZAP!) The toilet overflowed again. Roots have grown through the pipes but you can’t afford to replace them now!  In the past Markey was always there lying at your feet. You rubbing his head. Him licking your hand. Maybe going for a walk together to clear your head. With that realization, things just got a whole lot worse.

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Cats save Lives! Does my Cat Know This?

And then there are the health benefits you’ve accrued all these years because your pet is more than your buddy, companion or friend. Moreover, it’s been proven that pet ownership brings invaluable health benefits. According to WebMD, A small Swedish study found that female volunteers had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol 15 to 30 minutes after petting a pooch. Consequently, having your own dog could give you even more benefits. Participants who owned dogs had increased levels of the happy hormone oxytocin between one and five minutes later. Their heart rates were lower up to an hour later. But those without canines of their own didn’t get those same benefits. Hence a study in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology reports: The benefit of owning a cat could lower your risk of dying from heart disease. The researchers of a 20 year study found cats might help relax people during stress. Cat owners might tend to have traits that make them less at-risk of heart disease. Furthermore, those who said they’d owned a cat, had a lower risk of dying of a heart attack than those who’d never owned one. To this end, cats save lives. Does my cat know this?


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Stress Relievers

Generally, petting, rubbing, stroking are all activities that stimulate the receptors in our fingers and hands. Talking, walking, riding, exercises and stimulates, mind and body. Yes, Pets do require a lot of work and are a serious commitment. But they are the best wholesome stress relief on the planet. You don’t just shrug that off. Consequently, if you don’t consciously find a substitute stress relief, that sneaky sub-conscious mind of yours will. I’m not advocating one way or the other, adopting another pet. If the timing is right then that’s a great workable solution. What I do advocate is dealing with that loss. Don’t bury your feelings. Above all the absolute best thing you can do is cry and cry and then cry some more. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to them. Crying is cleansing, it’s humbling, its absolution, and its closure. After that, find an outlet. The gym, Tai Chi Chuan (my choice), Run, Walk, but add some extra activity to your routine that is exclusively for you. You’ve just suffered a tremendous loss. Do something to assuage your grief. All your hard work dieting, not nail biting, whatever habits you’ve been keeping under control will find an outlet through your grief. Another key point to consider are the physical manifestations of grief like headaches, fatigue, muscle aches. Even though this may not relate directly to you, it will to someone you know. So be a friend and watch for those symptoms. To read more information about dealing with grief. I’ve attached the link to a fantastic website, WYG, What’s Your Grief

“Remember When…”

Exciting news readers. Look for my new book “Remember When…” Pet Anecdotes and Humorous Poems about Living with Pets and “The Living Memory of Beloved Pets. The book expands upon what this blog touches on. The symbiotic relationship between pets and pet lovers brings undeniable benefits to both. “Remember When…” is not just about the memories we store and the stories we tell about our pets. But it also speaks from the perspective of pets about the skilled way we hear, see and feel them. You can read the heartwarming context of the book and view the beautiful pictures in both eBook and paperback format. “Remember When…” will be available soon on this site,, Amazon, Payhip and more.

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