About Us

Founded in 2013, we’re a family-owned Pet Remembrance Business that embraces all pets for the wholesomeness and joy they bring to their adopted families.

We celebrate life in the here-and-now with "Remembrance Gifts and Gifts for All" that honor living pets. Life should be commemorated so our gift selections celebrate those irrepressible pet characters living with us. And for the living memory of pets, we've a Pet Bereavement Collection. With family and friends in mind our Collections are a gift-giving platform for friends and family to become apart of that healing journey. 

Everything in this collection and on our site has a positive message. The 5-Piece Bereavement Gift Collection promotes a message of love, not loss, which sums up everything about us. As Pet lovers and with our own pets, family and friends in mind; we've created products that recognize achievements and celebrate a life well lived. That especially holds true for Service, therapy and Military Personnel and Animals.

We're inspired by the Phoenix, the mythological bird that doesn't die, but bursts into flames and is then reborn from it’s own ashes.

Sandra Moses
Ashes 2 Essenz