Ashes 2 Essenz has been a small family owned business since 2013Our aim is to "Help People and Pet Lovers Celebrate A Life Well Lived, Whether their Pet is Living or a Living Memory." We created our own line of products with people in mind who want to give and receive thoughtful, meaningful gifts. We designed our line of products to include a wide array of people not just pet lovers. That's why our line of photo mats is intended to recognize people and animals who like our family have members who've served in the military or served their community. 

Additional information, Products and Options are available under the INFORMATION, CUSTOMER SERVICE, EXTRAS AND MY ACCOUNT TABS at the bottom of the site page. For additional information please fill out the CONTACT US form or call us at 626-210-2820.

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Sandra Moses

Gift Tag Advisory Label

Gift Tag Advisory Label

Gift Tag Advisory Label for Pet's. Many Pets are sensitive to certain flowers, plants and food. Thes..


Resource Guide Brochure

Resource Guide Brochure

We'd love to send you our current brochure absolutely FREE.Contact us and be sure to share with..


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