Animals Bring Out the Human in Us

                                                          Photo by Fran – Pixabay

Altered State

Even if a pet’s no longer with us, life’s immeasurably altered. You’re a changed person. Because of the time spent with them, you’ve developed deeper depth and insights. Subsequently, you wait on them, you wait for them, you wait with them, and you learn Patience. You scoop, you wipe, you shovel, you clean, and you learn Humility. You nurture and care for a species that’s not even your own, you learn Love. Most important is, whether we spend 10 or 50 years with a pet, we owe them that recognition and remembrance.

Photo by Jeff Chabot 

Why They Love Us

Overall, they get something out of this union. They’re pampered, even spoiled. For every manor of pet we’ve provided, food, treats, clothes, grooming, enclosures and contained safe environments. In light of all this, maybe that’s why they love us?

Nature Call

On the contrary, it’s part of their nature to return love and affection because animals do form families of their own. It’s been well documented that animals adopt other animals from a species different than theirs. Undoubtedly, Mammal animals, share our emotions. Something we’ve in common are hormonal activity within the brain something that’s psychologically similar in all vertebrates. A study of cats, published in the journal “Behavioral Processes,” tested both pets and shelter cats ((around 55 in total). Would cats prefer to interact with food, toys, scent, or would they prefer social interaction with humans like petting or playing. Social interaction was the activity most preferred by cats across both groups, according to the researchers, followed by food. Great Danes, English Bulldogs, Akita’s and Pit Bulls actually prefer the company of Humans over other dogs. Indeed, there are countless stories of animals who grieve, even inconsolably so, at the passing of their owner.

What’s the Price of a Meal?

Moreover, could you get the same degree of gratitude, loyalty and love from another human for the price of a meal, clothing and shelter? Maybe, but for certain, Animals being far less complicated than humans, for our own betterment, actually bring out the Human in us.

                                 Photo by Sarandy Westfall


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